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The Gypsy PlaysPublishing a book is like playing the violin for a beautiful woman. You must know the tune and have an ability to play it on an instrument. You can’t be distracted by the face in front of you, but must meld the vision and the emotion into the tune. And so it is with publishing a book. The image an author has of his finished product being read by an admiring fan should be nothing more than a inducement to satisfy. The book must be finished and it isn’t finished until every note has been played–every edit, every cover design, every distribution question answered. Such is life. With half a dozen different types of publishers and each wanting something different from you, only another author can understand the strain of competing and the joy of completion. Are you an aspiring author? Do you have questions? Do you have answers? Get them off your chest. Did you know that very few traditional publishers want to deal with fiction? Unless of course the author has a huge fan base. Publishers are losing too much money on fiction and that is why most of them have created subsidiary imprints in which the author becomes the co-publisher. I have used both traditional and self publishing to design, edit and distribute my books. Do I have a preference. Not really. Each has an advantage over the other. I do prefer traditional publishing for my non-fiction books, but that is my opinion. For you? Choose wisely, my friend and if you need a shoulder to cry on, I’ll listen.

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  1. I’m in the process of wrapping up a novel about the relationship between Emperor Augustus, Herod the Great, Herod Antipas and the Messiah. In the story I speak of a linen cloth and how it was grown as flax and became the Shroud of Turin. Of course, I don’t mention Turin. The relationship between Rome and Palestinian kings and tetrarchs comes through quite clearly. My problem is that I can’t think of a good title for the novel: The Emperor and the Messiah?; Emperor and King?; Rome’s Footstool?; Rome and Jerusalem?; Eugenios and the Romans?; The Messiah and the Romans? If anyone can give me a title which I can use, I’ll send a complementary copy of the book to him or her after it’s published.

      • That’s an idea. How about “The Master’s Challenge”? It could refer to Augustus’s servant–the narrator–or to Jesus Christ challenging his followers to love one another. Or to Herod the Great and his political advisor or to all of the above. It would also tie into the follow-up novel “The Scholar’s Challenge.”