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Julian Bauer was born and raised in Illinois. After serving in the Air Force, he married Carmen Espinosa in Waco, Texas. Julian attended DePaul University, Florida State University, Baylor University, University of Illinois at Navy Pier, Northwestern, George Washington Graduate School of Finance, and the University of Maryland School of Law. Julian became the Director of Financial Management (Operations) and the Director of Employee and Organization Development at the Social Security Administration. From there he was elected National President of the American Volkssport Association and National Second Vice Commander of the Catholic War Veterans. He has eaten breakfast in the White House with the Vice-President of the United States and was an honored guest during the Veterans Day ceremony at the Memorial Amphitheater in Arlington National Cemetery.

As the CEO of his own tour company, Julian shot a blowgun in the Amazon; hiked the Alps; watched the Northern Lights and rode a dogsled near the Hudson Bay in January; rode a gondola in Venice; had Gypsies accost him in Poland; visited ground zero in Nagasaki (and New York); ate sausage in the Bürgerbräukeller of Munich; devoured fish and chips in London; sang Molly Malone in an Irish pub; went down the deep subway of St. Petersburg; watched his cruise ship be torn away from its stanchions in Chile; cruised down the Rhine; walked the tip of Tierra del Fuego and much more.

He has published six books: Rock of the Apostles: A Brief History of Catholic Tradition; The Scholar’s Challenge; Eugenios: Servant of Kings; A Lawyer’s Relic & A Grandfather’s Dilemma; Ibrahim the Turk; The Hidden Saint: The 16th Century Church in Crisis, and is in the process of publishing his seventh book.  Julian has three children and eight grandchildren and lives with his wife of fifty-nine years in the beautiful State of Maryland.

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