Commander Paul Bauer

My nephew, Paul Bauer, was shot and killed yesterday while chasing a suspect down a stairwell in Chicago. He was off-duty at the time and had no need to do so except it was his duty. A thirty-one year veteran of the Chicago Police Department, Paul had no compunctions about doing his duty–it was the only thing to do. As far as he was concerned, he could not ask the many men under his command to do something, he would not do himself. He leaves behind a wife and young daughter whom he loved dearly. At the time of his death, he was also caring for his mother and father who are not in good health. If anyone believed strongly in the fourth commandment–to honor one’s father and mother–it was Paul Bauer. Everyone truly loved this man: after a recent snowstorm, he used his snowblower to clear the sidewalk for his entire neighborhood block. His sisters and the many members of his extended family ask Almighty God to take Paul quickly up to heaven where he can enjoy the benefits of a life well-spent. I ask those of my community to also pray that he be given the mercy in his final judgment he so richly deserves.

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