The Olive Tree

Bountiful and Durable

Why was the olive tree mentioned so many times in the Bible? It existed in the Holy Land long before the Hebrews arrived. Olives may be eaten cooked or raw. The oil that is pressed from the fruit of the tree was used in cooking, lighting rooms, in medicine, and for religious anointing. Its wood was considered so valuable that Solomon used it to make the cherubim within the Temple. Yet, the tree grew so slowly that it seemed to live forever. Perhaps, its slow growth was due to the stony soil so pervasive together with a sun that never seemed to hide in Israel. In any case, the tree’s properties enthralled the Scripture writers who saw in this amazing tree a similarity between the human inhabitants of Judea and a bountiful, durable tree that can handle any adversary.  See Eugenios for more on early Judeo-Christian lives.

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