Inlaid Pictures at Turin

Extraordinary Artisans

The Royal Palace of Turin in Northern Italy houses some of the most beautiful tables ever designed with inlaid wood scenes encompassing the life and times of Jesus Christ. When one considers the time needed to layout and form the pictures with such amazing detail one can only gasp in wonder. How long were these skilled men, these artisans, apprentices before taking on such intricate scenes?

My good friend Barrie Schwortz, took the attached photos while a member of a scientific group (STERA) investigating the Shroud of Turin in 1978. With his permission, one of the tables is shown here. You can read more about the Shroud at This website includes more original papers and scientific data on the Shroud, pro and con, than any other website in existence.

My novel (The Hidden Saint: The Sixteenth Century Church in Crisis) includes a scene in which St. Charles Borromeo walks barefoot over the Italian Alps to visit the Holy Shroud which is now housed in its own chapel adjoining the west wing of the Royal Palace of the House of Savoy in Turin. See my facebook account at and stay informed.