Rock of the Apostles

A Brief History of Catholic Tradition

My latest book Rock of the Apostles: A Brief History of Catholic Tradition has now been published and is available on Anyone who believes they do not need the institutional Church with its priests, bishops, popes and 2,862 paragraphs of the Catholic Catechism should read this book. Without the Scriptures and the teaching authority of the Catholic Church for the past 2,000 years there would be no foundation with which to believe in a “spiritual church.” One can claim the ability to have a spiritual relationship with God, one without walls or dogma. However, that relationship is built on shaky imaginations, temporary and ever adjusting to current tides of fantasies–certainly not Christ’s revelations which are built on Scriptures and a Living Tradition.

Rock of the Apostles describes how the Catholic Church countered two millennium of heresies, schisms, and slanders through a Tradition developed by the Early Fathers, Monastics, Doctors of the Church, theologians, ecumenical councils, and a long line of Apostolic teachers. It is an enjoyable and fascinating explanation of how the same, unending Deposit of Faith is transmitted over the years to new cultures, new languages, new ways of exploring the road to salvation. It covers current topics such as abortion, contraceptives, and divorce and reveals how the Church has not changed its position on these topics and why it cannot change its position.

The book has been granted an imprimatur by the Archdiocese of Baltimore and is aimed at high school students, CCD, and home school students. However, any history buff or Catholic adult will find in it an excellent overview of the religious influence wielded by the Church over the years–an influence that cries out for acceptance in today’s secular world.

The cover portrays an 19th century oil painting by Francesco Bergametti found in the church Santa Maria Immacolata delle Grazie in Bergamo, Italy. The scene represents The Little Jesus in the Temple explaining the word of God to the scribes while Mary in the background listens. How better to begin the history of Church teachings than by seeing it’s foundation from the lips of Jesus Christ? To see more visit