Jalsa Salana Convention

Muslim Sect Believes Shroud Authentic

The Ventral Image on the Shroud of Turin as it appears on a photographic negative

Thanks to my good friend, Barrie Schwortz, world-renowned lecturer and photographer of the Shroud of Turin, I recently learned that at least one Muslim sect believes the Shroud to be the authentic burial cloth of Jesus Christ. This year Barrie will give his third keynote address to the Ahmadiyya Muslim community at the Jalsa Salana Convention in Hampshire, near London. This convention is attended by 35,000 people a day over three days. The largest tent seats 10,000 people and they are enthralled by a Jewish man (Barrie) speaking about a Christian relic before one of the twenty-seven sects of the Islamic faith. The Ahmadiyya Muslim sect has 150 million followers in 200 countries and is the fastest growing sect in Islam.

Their philosophy is “Love for all, hatred for none” which is also the address of their website: www.loveforallhatredfornone.org. Because this sect interprets some mainstream Muslim philosophies differently, they have been labeled heretics, ostracized and marginalized by the mainstream Muslim world. We rarely hear about Muslims expressing love for all, but instead hear about the Sunni and Shi’ite sects that have been violently battling one another for many centuries.

The Ahmadiyya accept that Jesus was crucified and buried with the Shroud. However, they believe the Shroud proves he survived all the tortures and escaped from the tomb to die in India. Today, we can visit the tomb of “Jesus” in Kashmir according to the Ahmadiyya.

As owner and manager of the largest website dedicated solely to all of the scientific and other evidence concerning the Shroud (www.shroud.com), Barrie gives his personal opinion to the convention attendees, that, based on expert opinion, the man of the Shroud was dead while he lay in the tomb. The convention is televised internationally and Barrie will give a report on his 2017 address at his website in September. You can also read his reports from the 2015 and 2016 conventions on his website (www.shroud.com).

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