The Hidden Saint is Published

Historical Novel on Reformation is Released

Author Julian Bauer celebrates the release of his newest novel, The Hidden Saint, which tells the story of Saint Carlo Borromeo during the tumultuous decades after the Protestant Reformation. The release of this book is timely as we prepare for the 500th anniversary of this world-changing event.

In 16th century Europe, the Catholic Church is in danger of losing its authority over the faith of Christians while at the same time defending itself from Ottoman attack and the spread of Islam. In the Americas encomendaros also challenge the authority of the Church by enslaving the native population despite the threat of excommunication. But the challenges aren’t just external. Immoral priests, greedy bishops, and family feuds distract the mission of the Church and threaten to undo its very establishment.

One man, Carlo Borromeo, begins to stitch back together the frayed pieces of an unraveling Church by finalizing and implementing the decrees at the Council of Trent under the leadership of his uncle, Pope Pius IV. This is the story of an unassuming boy from an influential family in Milan, who calls to task immoral behavior in the Catholic Church and is one day named a saint.

The Hidden Saint is the author’s third novel covering a period in the Church’s history when its very existence was in danger: in the first century (Eugenios: Servant of Kings), in the third century (The Scholar’s Challenge), and in the sixteenth century (The Hidden Saint). He has written two other books: a historical novel revealing the importance of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk (Ibrahim, the Turk), and contemporary novellas (The Lawyer’s Relic and A Grandfather’s Dilemma). Two nonfiction works are in the process of editing and publication.

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  1. Hi Julian,

    I am a fellow eLectio author and I would love to interview you on my show where I showcase Christian authors worldwide. I like to showcase the Hidden Saint on the show. The show airs on Tuesdays at 7 pm Eastern time. The entire interview is conducted via phone for an hour. Callers have an opportunity to call in and we interact with our social media audience as well.

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    Parker J Cole

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