St. Hildegard of Bingen

From Rock of the Apostles

St. Hildegard of Bingen (1098–1179) is considered the founder of scientific natural history in Germany. hildegard_von_bingenThe founder and abbess of several monasteries, Hildegard had gained significant practical skills in diagnoses, prognosis, and treatment of patients in her infirmary. She described those skills in lengthy Latin books for general use. They included writings on the scientific and medicinal properties of various plants, fish, reptiles, and animals, the physiology of the human body, and the causes and cures of various diseases.

She also wrote an extensive number of musical compositions and three great volumes of visionary theology. St. Hildegard preached publicly in Germany about the Tradition of the Church, denouncing clerical corruption and calling for reform. A Doctor of the Church, she is one of only four women given that title by the Roman Catholic Church. Can you name the other three?

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