Rock of the Apostles

A Brief History of Catholic Tradition

swiss-guardOur first non-fiction book, Rock of the Apostles, is now being offered to publishers. We expect our audience to be those with an interest in how the Catholic Church arrives at its positions on social and cultural positions. How did the Bishops, Doctors of the Church and the Ecumenical Councils arrive at such head-scratching positions on abortion, abortafacients, prohibitions on divorce, unmarried priests, and a fair balance between Capital and Labor? We believe this book will appeal to students of every age. Each chapter includes questions and projects allowing it to be used as a text book for CCD classes, home schooling, and high school or college classes.

Because this book deals with questions of Catholic religion and morals, it required an imprimatur from the Most Reverent William E. Lori, D.D. of the Archdiocese of Baltimore in accordance with canons 827 and 830. After almost nine months of negotiations, we obtained such an imprimatur on September 15, 2016. It applies only to the printed work and may not be used for any electronic publication because of the ease with which such media can and often is changed. The imprimatur is granted with the understanding that there is nothing within the work that is contrary to the faith and morals of the Roman Catholic Church as it is proposed by the ecclesiastical magisterium. All theories or hypotheses within the work and the truthfulness of the citations are solely those of the author.

The release date of this work is not expected until sometime in 2017 or 2018.