Autographed Copies

Under an arrangement with PayPal, readers are now able to obtain an autographed copy of my novels with a dedication of their choice. In the right hand column (if using a desktop) of thisSI Exif website one may select a novel and indicate the dedication you prefer (e.g. To Sarah with best wishes). PayPal allows the purchaser to use either his usual credit card or to use his PayPal account. Either way, I will sign the book as you wish and send it on to you within seven days. If you do not indicate a preference for the dedication, I will autograph it “Best Wishes, Julian Bauer” and add the date. PayPal also allows the purchaser to render special instructions should the need arise. Of course, other book sellers will offer our novels, without an autograph, at fantastic prices; the Amazon site is easily obtained by clicking their buttons in the right column. Whichever you choose, I thank you for buying my books.