Publishing Ibrahim, the Turk

I’ve published three books using WestBow Press, a division of Thomas Nelson Publishing (see sidebar). Because my current book, Ibrahim, the Turk, deals with the creation of a new nation–a Muslim Nation–I decided to publish this historical novel with CreateSpace, an Amazon company and an Indie publisher. Prices are reasonable and I don’t have to wait years for a conventional publisher to issue a contract. At my age, I can’t afford to wait. I believe my readers may be interested in what I go through in publishing this book so I will post my progress and see if you have any comments.

My initial contact with CreateSpace required that I send in my completed manuscript and answer about ten questions. This resulted in the assignment of a Senior Publishing Consultant who contacted me by phone and we had a lengthy and fruitful conversation in which he described the publishing tools he thought appropriate for my historical novel. Because of my previous experience in promoting a book, I wanted the best editors available and the very best in the way of cover designers. I decided on two rounds of editing. The first round of editing reviews structure, plot flow, characterization, and tone . The second editing stage reviews grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Every book needs editing and my book is no exception.

There is no question in my mind that without a good cover the book would not sell. I selected the publisher support called its Custom Cover Premier. This cover option will result in two designs being offered me. The first would be a design based on my vision of what the cover should look like. The second cover would represent the designer’s recommendation. Additional CreateSpace publisher support called Simple Custom Interior; Marketing Copy Essentials; and a Library of Congress Control Number were selected. Obviously, the novel will need an interior with some style and promotional support for the wording on the back cover.

A coordinator for the Custom Interior Design telephoned me to discuss the options available on the layout of the interior. I had seen the various options on the internet. After about twenty minutes, we decided to use the New Baskerville body copy font, the Roman Antique accent font, and a fleuron with a waving line. These are bolder fonts for easier reading, but it may add a few pages to the book and result in a slightly higher cost.

CreateSpace has an excellent member dashboard in which all stages of publishing are listed.  So far, I’m very pleased with CreateSpace Publishing both in response times and in the quality of their video and phone support. If you have any questions, just comment below.