Catholic Fiction Literary Initiatives

IMG_1146I recently discovered that a significant effort is underway to discover and promote Catholic Fiction. It first came to my attention on reading an article by Dana Gioia entitled “The Catholic Writer Today” in the December, 2013 issue of First Things magazine. Actually, Dana was bemoaning the fact that there are so few Catholic writers when as Dana put it, good moral writing is a tradition of Catholicism. I murmured to myself, “But there is Julian Bauer.” Of course, no one answered my murmur.

Next, I saw an advertisement by Tuscany Press announcing a $5,000 cash prize for the winning Catholic novel entered in their contest. They would have lost me then and there had Tuscany required a large reading fee, but instead I found a fee of only $10 per novel submitted. Now that is more than reasonable. I can afford $10 and more to the point, I know the fee is not an income producing mechanism to bring in the suckers. I immediately entered into the contest the two books I had published in 2013. Within one day, I received confirmation of my submissions and a request to excerpt a page from my manuscripts to put on their Tuscany Prize Blog. Of course, I not only agreed, but attached copies of my book covers for their use. Readers are encourage to comment on the excerpts. I plan to do so. Tuscany considers each book submitted for publication, whether it is the winning novel or not. My fingers are crossed.

Tuscany also recommended that I visit their sister site: Imagine my surprise on visiting this site that they offered to review my books free of charge. They also asked if I would be willing to be interviewed. Now I don’t know if Peter J. Mongeau, the founder and publisher of Tuscany, is wealthy or not, but this is my kind of “Catholic” action. Within an hour of reading this site’s guidelines, I sent in an synopsis of my books and was told someone would contact me as to how to forward the books for review.

Tuscany Press has a Facebook site and a Twitter account. We are encouraged to “like” these social networks so they can promote the authors they sponsor. I plan to do so and I hope you do also. Peter wants to create a little dialogue and excitement. He’s done so for me already.



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2 thoughts on “Catholic Fiction Literary Initiatives

  1. I am considering submitting (when I finish it) my middle-grade novel to Tuscany Press. Have you been told whether you will find out in June (regardless of whether you win the prize or not) if your novel will be published by Tuscany?

    • Leslie
      No, I have not been told whether those who are not winners are notified. I assume they are not. It is a small price to pay for the reading fee charged. Go for it, and good luck in your writing.

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