Celebrate Christmas

20131210_122527000_iOSMany organizations, including veteran’s organizations, celebrate Christmas around this time of the year with a dinner at their local restaurant. My Catholic War Veterans Post–the Charles Carroll Post–did just that last night at Clyde’s in Columbia, Maryland. Lots of snow threatened our annual outing, but a few die hard souls and their spouses came out to welcome the birth of the New Born King with a glass of Champaign.  In fact, our Post Commander started a new custom whereby the Commander of the Post buys the bottles of Champaign for the entire group. I really like this new custom.

If you are unfamiliar with the Catholic War Veterans, you are not alone. While this nationwide veterans organization ( CWV.org) began in 1935 and has over 9,000 members, many veterans have no idea that it exists. Its motto is God, Country, and Family. Working closely with parish priests, it helps returning Catholic veterans return to civilian life, retain their faith, and stay true to their family. It received an Apostolic Blessing from Pope Pius XI on its formation in 1935 and a Congressional Charter signed by President Reagan in 1984. It is one of only three decidedly religious veterans organizations; the others being the Jewish War Veterans and the American Veterans Christian Alliance. It is also one of the twenty-five service organizations that sponsor the Veterans Day ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery. In the picture at the right National Commander James Finkle salutes while being recognized at the Veterans Day ceremony while President Obama sits on the left in the picture waiting for his chance to speak.?????????????????

When a Catholic veteran was found dead on Veterans Day after Sandy struck the East coast, the Catholic War Veterans made sure he had a proper burial. The NBC news report on our response to this calamity can be seen by clicking on the link below. Our thanks to all veterans for their service. If we can be of any help, let us know.