The Coconut Larvae

Sam GrimaceAbout fifteen years ago, I was hiking through the hot and steamy Amazon jungle with a group of fellow volksmarchers. Our native guide picked up a nut from the ground and told us that within that shell was a large larvae that tasted exactly like a coconut. Seeing our disbelieving eyes, he cracked open the shell and pulled out the larvae. He asked if there were any volunteers. Being young and foolish, I volunteered. Before taking a bite, I asked someone to take a picture of my eating this thing that looked like a large caterpillar. I still have the picture. I chewed right though the middle of that larvae and it did taste like a coconut. A fellow hiker, a young woman, asked for the half I had not eaten and immediately ate the remainder. I’ll  never forget our bravery on that day or that ugly, slimy larvae. I always wondered what kind of a worm or bug or insect that larvae was, but I can still remember the taste and its hanging intestines.